Build your business as a distributor for Inotify

Become a distributor of a modern dynamic signage platform that will delight your customers.

Benefits for the distributor

  • Screen network

    Allows you to monitor your own screen network or those of your clients from the control panel.

  • Beneficial Conditions

    Being a distributor allows for economic discount conditions.

  • Screens

    You can manage the sale of players, screens and its installation in the space chosen by the client.

  • Control over your customers

    You will have total control of your business model and your own relationships with your clients. Allowing you to directly manage the selection of screens directly or export them for the direct management of the aimed customer.

Activities by type of distributor:

  • Reseller
    • Promote the service in your client portfolio
    • Support contracted clients
    • Monthly subscription charge for the service.
  • Content Manager
    • Promote the service to your client portfolio
    • Monthly management of the design and of dynamic signage
    • Payment of monthly subscription of the service + management

Distributor registration