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Integrable service in ERP for presentation of shifts.

Send socket sequence from your business management applications and manage all the shifts from one point, displaying their information from the queues to the screens you designate.

Eg A medical/hospital/veterinary cabinet manager sends a next patient socket sequence each time the doctors/veterinarians request that the next patient enter the query. The server receives that request, recognizes its origin and determines to which digital signage screen it should present that shift assignment.

Only one self-configuring server is required per installation, independent of the number of waiting rooms and receiving screens to view the shifts.


It allows you to upload graphic content (such as HD images, own videos, texts, YouTube video links and links to web pages), being able to automatically generate a QR code that once read by a mobile or tablet, accesses the corresponding web address.


  • Access a restaurant menu.
  • Buy a product or service.
  • Answer a survey.
  • Expand information on a product or service.
  • Buy the ticket to an event.
  • [...]


You can choose between different digital content previously uploaded to the platform, change the order of the presentation, as well as the time and the start and end date of viewing them.

It also allows the inclusion of texts on digital content, defining the position, size, font and background color, transparency, etc.


  • The calendar records the day and time the campaign is displayed.
  • Schedule specific periods for a campaign (for example: three days a week, the whole month, a whole week ...).
  • Manage all the campaigns you want as long as the day and time do not coincide with each other.


  • Campaign Scheduling

    Configuration of the day and time in which the campaigns are projected on the different screens.

  • Shift Management

    Up to 3 independently manageable shift counters.

  • Templates

    Possibility of dividing the screen space into different areas.

  • Start and end date

    Presentation of content in a range of dates.

  • Zones Background Color

    Definition of the corporate background color.

  • Remote viewing

    Present on the platform a photo of what is being seen on any screen that you are managing.

  • Text in zones

    You have the option of writing texts in the different areas.

  • Piped music

    Choosing an audio streaming channel over the internet.

  • Default image / video

    Selection of image or video that will be presented in case of lack of campaign.

  • QR code

    Add a QR code to images or videos and redirect the customer to the chosen website.

  • URL for zones

    Define a different web page for each area.

  • Automatic player update

    The viewer automatically updates the configuration and content of the campaigns, staying active in case of internet failure.

Business sectors of application

  • Public transport

    The means of transport inform of the location, stopping points of the line, next stop (visually and sonically) as well as their own or external informative or advertising announcements

  • Travel Agencies

    Travel agencies need to be reporting their different offers in order to reach their potential customers at street level, and attract them to purchase the travel packages.


    Any place that manages tickets, requires  screens that report current and / or future events as well as the prices of the different activities offered.

  • Corporate Channels

    Companies or institutions need to be kept informed of the activities carried out in them.

  • Digital Out of Home

    Send your ad to outdoor advertising screens that have our technology. Invest in a screen and become an outdoor advertising provider.

  • Malls

    Shopping centers need to inform customers of regulations, and direct them to the different areas of the building as well as to its own corporate channel.

  • Dealerships

    Car dealerships and car sales / rental companies need to inform their customers of features, offers and promotions.

  • Insurance companies

    Insurance companies are constantly informing its clients of the latest offers and opportunities in order to attract new customers.

  • Education

    Educational units need to report on their activities and must have an information plan for their students.

  • Tourism companies

    Tourist offices and Tourist information points. They inform of the activity agendas, location plans and emergency channels.

  • Gyms and fitness

    These sports centers need to inform their clients of the regulations, offers and schedules of their activities.

  • Hospitals, health activities

    Hospitals, clinics, health centers, dentists, beauty centers and other companies dedicated to the health area, need to inform their patients about their treatments, offers and provide an information channel for that.

  • Hotels, Apartments and Residences

    Hotels, residences and any other companies dedicated to the accommodation of clients, are required to provide information both at reception and on TV channel 0, the restaurant area or in the Spa or sports areas about all activities, menus, schedules and treatments.

  • Real Estate

    A real estate agency with a display uses technology to promote all its real estate properties, managing it all remotely. Both adding new properties to the information campaign and also removing those already sold.

  • Leisure and Events

    Leisure activities and events must have an information channel to keep attendees informed of their activities or events.


    Public or private organizations need to inform their users or subscribers of the information related to that entity.

    Public bodies need to manage the shift management of their users.


    Companies that supply fast food restaurants need to have screens to report all their products to be seen from the customer queue, and being capable to manage the food collection shifts once it is prepared.

  • Restaurants

    Restaurants need to inform about new norms, and promote their menus by presenting them visually, define different campaigns based on schedules, and be able to present the breakfast, lunch or dinner products.

  • Supermarkets

    Supermarkets have a channel to inform about offers, as well as to indicate the shifts of the different waiting areas.

  • Retail stores

    Retail stores need to promote their brand, offers and manage the customers queue.

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